Frequently Asked Questions

What is a monthly subscription box?

Simply put, it's a subscription service. You sign up and then a box of our unique items will be delivered to your doorstep. The next month, you will be automatically re-billed and receive another box containing different items. And so it continues - like Christmas all year long! You can join or unsubscribe  at any time, no questions asked.

How will I be re-billed?

You will be charged your first payment upon signing up. That will cover the cost of your first box. Thereafter, you will be re-billed on the 25th of each month unless you log into your account to cancel BEFORE that date.

When does my box ship?

Boxes ship on the 15th of each month. If the 15th falls on a Sunday or holiday, your box will ship the day before. You will receive an email when your box is on its way.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is always FREE in the Continental United States.

Why do I only get 2-4 items?

We want to pay our artisans well and fairly. And we don't want you to have a box of small trinkets each month. So we hire artisans to create quality products each month from which they can gain significant income. It's a win for everyone.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Simply contact us BEFORE you are automatically re-billed for the next month. You can unsubscribe at any time, no questions asked.

How can I contact Anchor of Hope?

Feel free to email us at with any questions or comments you may have. You can also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you for partnering with us!

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