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Hope and Sustainability

This is me, Adrienne, and Nadine, one of our artisans who is a refugee from the Congo.

How we came to be...

So I'm lying in bed one night this summer and it comes to me. My idea. What I have been praying for. The answer to the question, what am I going to do with my life? (Really, just my time while I am in this season of life.) Our growth group 'adopted' a family from Congo that was coming in soon. While we were setting up their apartment, I went over and talked to their neighbors, a Congolese family of refugees. The older woman didn't speak English and was bearing the scars of what was probably the result of living in a war torn area. The son was using crutches to walk because his leg was disfigured. She was a beautiful woman, and I was moved by her grace. I wanted to get to know her.

Through World Relief High Point, I meet many refugee women, just like her. Amazing women, strong women. These people come to America with great gifts to share. What better way to share their stories and their gifts with the world than to commission them to make things- jewelry, home items, etc., and sell the items for them so I can keep buying the materials and hiring them. When I approached different individuals about the idea, something I wasn't expecting happened. Hope was arising. I realized how powerful this venture could be, in bringing hope and sustainability to a population of people who maybe need hope desperately.

The goal here is to empower and bring hope while maintaining dignity. Letting someone know that we care, that we support them and believe in them is a powerful thing. It can bring growth and healing to the places that have become disillusioned by the pain this world can sometimes bring. So let's start a movement. Let's let the people that might feel forgotten know that we care, that we believe in them. Join with me in this new and exciting adventure as we support refugees, human trafficking victims and others in a vulnerable position to overcome.

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