About Us

Anchor of Hope exists to give hope and sustainability to individuals in vulnerable situations - individuals like Nadia. Nadia (below left) and her family are Syrian refugees who depend solely upon Anchor of Hope for their income. She and her beautiful family thank you.

A word from the founder of Anchor of Hope, Adrienne McCann (above right).

Hope and Sustainability

For months I had been asking the question, "What should I do with my time?" Then one unexpected night, the answer became so clear. I want to be a giver of hope and sustainability.

What led me to start Anchor of Hope Box

A group from our church had "adopted" a family from the Congo, soon to arrive in America. While setting up this family's apartment in preparation for their arrival, I spoke with the neighbors - another Congolese family of refugees.

The older woman of the home didn't speak English. She bore scars that spoke of her war-torn history. Her son used crutches to walk due to his disfigured leg. But it was more than their external reality that moved me. Her internal beauty and grace moved me.

Through World Relief Triad, I get to meet many survivors of human trafficking and refugee men and women like her  - people who have come to America with amazing gifts but not many resources or ways to share them.

We at Anchor of Hope Box give these gifted artisans an opportunity to share their talents and stories. We hire these individuals to make beautiful products and then sell their items to you through our monthly subscription box. 

When I approached our first artisan, something unexpected happened. Something arose in that room when I offered her an opportunity to share her talents. Hope arose.

Hope arose.

When you partner with us, you help give hope and sustainability to men and women coming out of desperate situations. You help give dignity and healing to souls that may have been harmed by circumstance. You join a movement of change - one artisan, one family, one box at a time.

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